We partner with the people we work with. Whether in design, production, marketing, sales, or consumption, we are all interconnected and we all rely on each other to be whole. We partner with like-minded people, but we also work to educate our consumers on the sourcing and production ethics that our fashion industry so desperately needs. With so many choices out there, we celebrate when clients choose to buy our products. We want to be a brand that makes a positive impact.


We’ve traveled to Italy to partner with mills and factories who adhere to the European Detox and Cradle to Cradle™ programs, making sure their quality, humanistic approach, and sustainable practices are held to the highest standards. For our mills and factories, work means quality and passion and they place the human factor, the environment, the well-being and health of their employees at the center of everything they do. They believe that each product brings with it not only the know-how, but also the value of each individual person who produced it.


Using the finest Alpaca and Linen fibers, we share a passion for quality, ethically made products designed for creating a better future for the women who have carefully and thoughtfully handcrafted them. 

The objective of our Bolivian partners is the empowerment of women, not only through the limited spaces that value and facilitate their development, but also through the promotion of a positive transformation of leadership and genuine respect for themselves. So it was in the spirit of inclusion and recognition of these women’s needs that spaces were provided which allowed the women to thrive and grow.


We partnered with a smaller family owned factory, specializing in knitting Cashmere for high-end fashion labels. Their focus is on smaller production, providing the quality and personalized care to each of the garments from sourcing through production. 

Together, let's make a change, one clean drop at a time.