Water is the most essential resource for life to exist on our planet. We all depend on clean water to hydrate ourselves, irrigate our food sources and bathe ourselves. In spite of this fact, very often the water sources in many countries with industry, are used as waste depositories for their byproducts.

One of the largest industries that cause harm is clothing & textile. The clothing & textile industry is notorious for employing many chemicals in the various stages of production that can contaminate water resources. These discharges can have serious adverse affects on humans, animals and the environment for generations.

That is, unless we all start doing something about it.

At Camille Reau, we are committed to changing the status quo of what is acceptable collateral damage with regards to fashion. Our sweaters and scarves are consciously designed and knit in ethical factories, using some of the finest Merino Wool & Cashmere yarns that are sourced from farms and mills sharing in our commitment to safeguarding the environment. 

Thank you for choosing to be a apart of our mission.  Together we are saving the world, one drop at a time.